A flea circus is a real circus but in miniature, "fleas" use tiny props to carry  out all the acts within the circus.  The history of the Flea Circus dates back to Egyptian and Roman times but was most successful during the 1600s onwards when these fascinating little shows were  exhibited from small boxes or trunks in pubs, taverns and fairs.

Most Flea Circuses died out well before the 1940s and today there are very few left.

The most popular acts through the years might include..... Chariots and 'horse drawn' style carts that are pulled by a flea. High dive - the flea dives from a diving board into a pool of water. High wire - the flea crawls across the wire to the other side with a prop. Sea-saw - the fleas ride the sea-saw. Trapeze - the fleas jump from swing to swing. A flea kicks a football. Flea cannon - a flea is shot from the cannon.

Our show includes all the above and more besides. Each show lasts about 20 minutes so we can get 3 shows in an hour.  Whether the fleas are real or just a set of illusions we’re not at liberty to say....! This is the only flea circus still performing in the Midlands.

THE Amazing Flea Circus Box



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